Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Madu Asli Atau Madu Palsu?

Hari ini baca-baca artikel tentang madu, ternyata 80% madu yang beredar di pasaran merupakan madu palsu.

wahh ternyata sebanyak itu, lantas bagaimana nasibnya dengan madu yang asli?

saya bisa bayangkan bagaimana suksesnya bisnis herbal jika madu palsu berhasil dibersihkan dari pasaran. :)

tapi rasanya itu sulit untuk diwujudkan.

memang sulit untuk membedakan antara madu asli dengan madu palsu, ada yang bilang jika madu tersebut tidak dikerubuti oleh semut bisa dipastikan jika itu madu asli, tapi jika sebaliknya madu tersebut tidak dikerubuti oleh semut berarti itu madu palsu.

ternyata itu sebuah pemahaman yang keliru, karena madu asli juga mengandung glukosa yang berarti ada kemungkinan jika semut juga akan mendekati madu asli.

lantas bagaimana cara membedakan madu palsu dengan madu asli?

saya sendiri masih belum paham bagaimana caranya, yang jelas jika ingin membeli madu yang asli, maka belilah ditempat-tempat tau toko yang memang sudah terpercaya dengan kualitas madunya.

ada rekomendasi toko yang menjual madu asli?

selama ini saya masih setia membeli di arbain :)
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Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Punakawan Kembali

Busett.. ternyata sudah satu tahun lebih saya biarkan blog ini tanpa adanya update artikel lagi. Walaupun blog ini isinya hanya artikel Copy Paste, tapi rasanya sayang jika blog ini dibiarkan tanpa adanya update lagi. Untuk itu saya akan mulai rutn mengupdate artikel di blog ini, meskipun hanya artikel seadanya yang penting blog ini terupdate. :)

Ok sampai jumpa di artikel berikutnya, :)

Lho cuman segini doank tulisanya?

hehehe.. kan saya tadi sudah bilang kalo saya akan update blog ini meskipun cuman dengan artikel seadanya. :-P
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Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

Obama in Montana: No Fireworks, Inside or Out

The beginning of the town hall meeting in Belgrade, Montana was ominous. As Katie Gibson, the petite woman chosen to introduce President Obama, began, her soft-spoken testimony about losing medical insurance coverage amid cancer treatment was suddenly overhwhelmed by thunder claps and a heavy downpour of rain and hailstones that reverberated through the cavernous metal airport hangar.

But by the time she brought on the President, the storm had eased, and he was warmly welcomed by most of the crowd of some 1,000 people. Several people in attendance sat there grim-faced, arms folded, while others cheered Obama's lines. Most of the overt hostility remained outside and down the road, where the state highway joins with the airport road. There anti-Obama demonstrators (mostly made up of two groups, Patients Rights and "Tea Party Patriots") were gathered with signs, right next to a pro-reform group, Montanans for Single Payer (many of whom are unhappy with Max Baucus, the Montanan who chairs the Senate Finance Committee and is a leading player in health care reform). Montana was said to be ripe for conflict. Local unemployment (and the ranks of the uninsured) has risen dramatically in the past year as the once-booming construction bubble burst, sinking many resort jobs along with building trades and services. (See the top 10 Health-Care-Reform Players.)

Still, considering the build-up to this weekend's town hall meetings (the President has one more on Saturday afternoon in Grand Junction, Colorado), the proceedings within were civil. Outside the hangar, angry vocal exchanges erupted, but no one got physical. (Read a story about Montana gearing up for Obama's visit.)

The President did get pointed questions when he called on members of the audience, none of whom appeared to have been pre-screened. Randy Rath from far-off Ekalaka, Montana, introduced himself as a "proud NRA member," who gets his news from the cable channels, and said he has heard a lot of talk from Obama and the Democrats about reforming health care, which he indicated he wasn't quite buying. "You can't tell us how we're going to pay for this. You'll have to raise our taxes, when you said you wouldn't." Obama responded by outlining how he planned to fund the program, by eliminating medical-practice waste and insurance expenses, to cover two-thirds, and one-third by taxing those who make over $250,000 a year. Noting that he is in the higher-income bracket, Obama said, "There's nothing wrong with me paying a little more to help people with less."

The President also assured a concerned health-insurance salesman from Helena who wanted to know why Obama decided during the health-care debate to "villify" insurance companies that he was not declaring war on the companies, but wants to streamline the way medical bills are calculated and treatment prescribed.

Carol Wilder, a single mother from nearby Bozeman who was laid off her from job in January and now has her two kids covered by Medicaid, wanted to know if Obama was going to follow the methods of countries such as Canada or the U.K. Obama responded that Americans pay over $5,000 a year more than residents of those countries for their insurance, and that he is shooting for "a uniquely American system," without the government-run hospitals of some other countries. "It's not true that government will meddle with your doctor."

Another single mother, Sarah Landry, an Montana State University student, told Obama her 11-year-old son has severe autism and Type I diabetes, and that "I rely heavily on Medicaid for coverage." She worries that a national plan might cut into his coverage. Obama assured her, "If your son currently qualifies for Medicaid, he could continue on Medicaid... Our [existing] system is not a health-care system - it's a disease-care system, because we wait until someone gets very sick." For example, he said a diabetic should be counseled on health and helped long before they reach the point of having a foot amputated."

The meeting ended as a recording blared Sousa's "The Stars & Stripes Forever." Obama stepped off the the stage and worked the crowd, shaking hands and smiling as people snapped photos with cameras and cell phones. The First Family then boarded the green Marine One helicopter and headed southwest 60 miles, into the mountains, to land at the Big Sky Resort, the luxury ski and vacation-home develpment founded by native son broadcaster Chet Huntley nearly 40 years ago. From Big Sky, the First Family will visit Yellowstone National Park before flying off on Air Force One Saturday afternoon to Grand Junction.

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Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

Buat Pasangan Anda Ketagihan Bercinta!

Jakarta Kaum pria sering pusing dengan hasrat bercinta pasangannya yang tidak stabil. Mau tahu cara membuat perempuan Anda ketagihan bercinta? Ini dia!

Hasrat bercinta seseorang terutama perempuan tak selalu dalam kondisi yang baik. namun seorah ahli seks Yvonne Fulbright, yang detikhot kutip dari The Fox News, Selasa (4/8/2009) menjelaskan beberapa informasi yang dapat membuat perempuan menikmati proses bercinta.

Pertama kali yang harus dilakukan, adalah menelaah keadaan yang membuat pasangan Anda kehilangan gairah. Misalnya kesibukan, kerepotan mengurus anak, serta hal-hal yang membuatnya stres.

Jika masalah sudah dapat diatasi maka yang harus dilakukan adalah mengembalikan kedinamisan hubungan Anda dan pasangan. Jangan lupa untuk selalu melakukan foreplay sebelum bercinta. Buat pasangan Anda merasa dihargai, disayangi dan bukan hanya sebagai tempat pelampiasan nafsu semata.

Yang harus diingat, kepuasan bercinta tak hanya dari fisik semata. Bahkan banyak orang yang merasakan kenikmatan tanpa harus melakukan intercourse (senggama). Ada baiknya untuk melebarkan definisi kepuasan Anda.

Bagi pria, ada baiknya untuk lebih mengenal anatomi tubuh perempuan adan bagaimana respons seksual tiap anggota tubuhnya. Anda pun bisa membuat pasangan Anda puas.

Tak ada salahnya bagi pria untuk tahu jadwal menstruasi pasangannya. Karena hasrat perempuan juga dipengaruhi oleh hormon-hormonnya. Hormon perempuan bisa berubah-ubah saat ia akan menstruasi.

Yang paling penting adalah memperdalam komunikasi. Cari tahu apa yang paling disukai pasangan Anda. Beritahu juga keinginan Anda. Anda dan pasangan pun bisa saling memuaskan.

Jika pasangan Anda merasa nyaman dengan proses bercinta, maka tak perlu sulit untuk membujuknya melakukannya ladi di lain waktu.
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